• Kelly Leslie

OPI And VanZile Views Are Teaming UP!

Announcing a brand new collaboration! Official Lebanon Valley track photographer Kelly Leslie is teaming up with Neil Van Zile of VanZile Views to bring you expanded coverage of the happenings at Lebanon Valley Dragway. Neil is creating a racer database (NEDRDB.com) and will be looking for bio info from our racers. He also owns and operates North East Drag News (NEDragNews.com) where he will be providing coverage at select LV events. You’ll also be able to purchase Neil’s photos through OnPoint Image both on the website and in person on race day.

“This is a great opportunity for both of our businesses, Lebanon Valley and its racers. Our backgrounds are very similar, which makes it easy to relate not only to one another at a professional level, but in understanding the needs and desires of our clients, and delivering. It is a win-win for us both and I am looking forward to working with Neil this season” states Leslie.

You can go HERE to add your info to the database.

See you at the races!

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