• Kelly Leslie

Just A Friendly Reminder

You can get your photos same day by visiting my photo trailer at the track! I am located near the tower next to the cut gate in the staging lanes (between the tower and the bathrooms) and across from the winners circle. I am available Wednesday Nights, Friday, Saturday and Sundays throughout the season.

Choose From Multiple Options

I offer many different sizes and types of prints. Onsite I can print photos up to 13x19. Anything larger must be sent to the lab for printing and shipping. It's also cheaper to order in person than from my website! I offer metal, acrylic and puzzle items too!

Size Matters

Size range for standard prints:

  • 4x6

  • 5x7

  • 8x10

  • 11x14

  • 13x19

  • 1620

  • 20x30

  • 24x36

  • 30x40

  • 30x60

In addition to standard prints, i have several custom prints. One of the most popular types are the fake news covers. You can customize all of the text to make a special gift for someone, or yourself!

Have An Idea?

I'm always down to explore new ideas. If you're looking for custom artwork involving a photo of you that I took, let's chat!

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