I'm a New Jersey native that's spent the last several years traveling and moving around to cover motorsports events (I have the license plates to prove it lol). I got my passion for cars and racing from my Father, who's idea of a family vacation was to bring me and my brother to all of the road course tracks in the Eastern US. later, I became a mechanic and crewed on several race teams.

Eventually I knew I wanted to contribute more and hooked up with StangCrazy.com. Which at the time was the most innovative media site, period. We were the first people to provide same day event coverage and photos and became a staple in the Mustang Racing community. I eventually created my own heads up racing series, and focused on that for a few years.

I moved back to the East Coast in 2014 and became the official track photographer at Lebanon Valley Dragway in 2017, although I starting shooting there in 2015. I am so proud to call LVD my home! It is truly a gem with its beautiful landscape and the best racers around!